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NLR - User Report


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Your in-game name:



Users IGN:



Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞 



Explain what happened: During a raid by BadBunny and Tustin Quintalla, they were unsuccessful getting past all of the fading doors. After they had adverted over, BadBunny returned 2 more times and went inside the base. Tustin Quintalla returned and killed my party member/base mate (as seen on the 3rd clip). BadBunny broke NLR 2 times after dying in the failed raid. Ignore the audio, I had a movie playing on my other monitor.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. Saying "just look at server logs" isn't evidence)

Death 1

Death 2

Death 3


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Entire misunderstanding, we did raid and I talked to your friend after in OOC and he told me he'd come outside to be able to see how it was fail base so he could fix the problem which he did in return. I did walk up the ladder using voice chat saying "Hey I'm outside" as pictured on the bottom right of your screen, furthermore slow down the clip I only stood straight and let you kill me to show that I was not hostile in your videos. As explained in the videos of your friend Orbjew (player in raid as well), the perspective from your POV is merely what you were only able to see rather then the difference of the true scenario where it was me only coming back because he had agreed to come outside and communicate with me to get a better understanding as to why it was fail base. Which he fixed after I showed him how to go about fixing it. This whole situation really isn't NLR but more a misunderstanding from one side of the party, especially since you were watching a movie you wouldn't have been able to understand the entire story since you weren't giving the game full attention and had zero game audio. Sorry for the misunderstanding and hope you're able to truly see the actual action and perspective from me and your mate, the actions here meant no harm just me trying to be a good community member here and help you guys avoid future scenarios where you may actually get in trouble for problems such as Fail Basing. As your friend said your perspective did look something a lot different from what truly happened. Nonetheless, I Hope you and the staff team are able to understand with the proof I provided of a more detailed explanation. 

(Explanation) (Perspectives) (Orbjew admitting to you not wanting to open his DM) 

I Kindly asked your friend to explain the story because I did reach out to you personally through PM to explain the situation, as did your friend from my understanding of what he told me, but you ignored him and me and continued to get offline rather then being able to consume the full story of the events taken place before making this user report. I'm sorry as I said it does look one way but when the actual story and meaning of what genuinely happened is explained it's nothing more then a perspective creating an illusion rather then what factually occurred.

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- support 

even though bad bunny returned to your base he wasn't actually breaking nlr as he was no raiding the base and had adverted over

and as for Tustin killing a party member there is know way to tell if it was rdm it only shows him killing someone in the feed.


A side note: It is also apparent that BadBunny's return to your base was in order to resolve an issue with your party member 

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-Your evidence doesn't show him raiding at all. He isn't even holding a raiding tool.

-NLR applies to returning to a raid. The raid was over and he can return to the base if he wants as long as he isn't actively trying to lockpick/keypad crack/C4 your doors or attempt to kill you guys. 

-Star Wars.

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