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DarkRP Patch Notes 4.2


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DarkRP 4.2 Patch Notes

  • Adjusted snake job

    • Can no longer raid / steal

  • Adjusted Speedster jobs

    • Removed Syringe

    • Added a fixed run speed to all speedster jobs. 

  • Buffed the Blundergat

  • Added Black Jack

  • Added Boxing Ring

  • Added Skill system update to the server

    • Current Skills available are as follows

      • Health Regeneration ( New )

      • Increase Prop Limit ( New )

      • Health

      • Endurance

      • Fall Damage

      • Armor

      • Run Speed

      • Jump Height

      • Salary

  • Buffed Law Enforcement salaries again

  • Buffed Chances to receive blundergat from airdrops

  • Removed G Poker ( till money exploit is fixed )

  • Removed Light bit miners

    • Increased processing speed on standard bit miners to compensate for loss of gains.

  • Fixed mining safe zone popping through the ground near mining area

  • Fixed monkey player model showing up as an error

  • Fixed HUD for new skill system update

  • Fixed Admin system for new skill system update

  • Began trimming the download size for joining the server

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