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DarkRP Patch Notes 4.3b

RoidRager 💊

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DarkRP 4.3b Patch Notes

  • Our IP will be changing one last time favorite the server to find it easily when we change IPs or save the IP HERE :

  • Removed Blackjack tables / Casino Kit

  • Added pCasino

    • Black Jack

    • Roulette

    • Wheel Spins

  • Added September weapons to the credit store

  • Added Weed Buyers in the sewers

  • Speedster job have had their slots increased to 2

  • Speedster jobs are no longer rank restricted

  • Casino Manager is now able to have 4 players on the job at a time

    • Casino manager can only spawn 3 of each machine

  • K9 Unit no longer is rank restricted

  • Mugger now wander the map while not on the hunt

  • Adjusted Skill system

  • Adjusted tick quota for e2

  • Prepped adding vehicles for new casino wheel

  • Prepped adding water vehicles for vehicle dealer near water

  • Fixed climb swep in credit store

  • Fixed potential lag issue with bit miners

  • Disabled old concomands which could have caused players to crash on join from other servers

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