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DarkRP Patch Notes 5.8


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DarkRP 5.8 Patch Notes

Going to make this as short as possible, due to the recent Steam workshop errors that are taking too long to be fixed ( not on our side this is Steam issue ) we will be switching the map back to Tits v2 as this is a map that is frequently used by the majority of DarkRP servers. This should fix players timing out while joining and randomly disconnecting with no error to report. Missing materials and models are a Steam issue ATM.

  • Map has been changed to rp_downtown_titsv2

  • Attempted to fix missions not showing up for some players

  • Updated workshop content

  • Fixing miners not spawning with pickaxes

  • Fixed MBRP>DRP class not being restricted

  • Fixed Meth cooks being unable to spawn transport crates

  • Attempted to fix shipment bugs

  • Attempted to fix lean sell issue

  • Increased Free VIP from 12 Hours to 1 Week

  • Buffed Halo Weapons


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