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iAsuka : All evidence in one simple post


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Your in-game name: Maze


Users IGN: iAsuka


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:244967461


Explain what happened: This is really just me compiling all the evidence on iAsuka, who is a genuine pedophile. First off, for whatever reason, he looked up my moms Facebook and posted me and my siblings on a picture frame. (I was 14 and my sister was 12 at the time) This was only a 1 week ban, because I apperently was asking to get doxxed. This is like someone getting raped and going to the police, but they said “but what were you wearing?” This is not the main point of the post, but it’s just one more thing he did


Another thing is he uses the word “cunny” which is clearly a word he uses to describe underage pussy. This is vile and shouldn’t be allowed on this server. Which kudaa agreed with, and accepted our last user report. But for whatever reason, his actions on MBRP only led him to a discord ban. This really doesn’t make much sense. This is why my good friend yeems made another user report. 


In this user report, it kind of all came out. I found iAsuka’s Ifunny, where he reposted a video where it says his MBRP gang name “shadow wizard cunny gang”, and then talking about how the gang loved “sex with children”. He also posted many vile pictures about loli’s and his desire to have sexual intercourse with them. He also replied to a post talking about the use of the word “cunny” and he said “clearly you get no cunny” which means he definitely realizes what the word means, no matter how many times he denies it.


This should be 110% clear evidence on this monster. If this doesn’t get dealt with accordingly for real this time, it will create a highly negative stigma around the exhibition community forever.



This shows him posting my face on the server from when I was 14. Gross as shit in hindsight knowing that he is a genuine pedo.



This is the last user report. It was accepted by kudaa, but the only punishment done was a discord ban.

This is the video that he reposted on his Ifunny page. It is his gang name, and the video states that they love having sex with children 


(this is the proof of him reposting it)



This is the picture of him replying to someone saying the word and how the dude doesn’t get any.


This is the photo of him saying he wants to have sex with a loli 


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User has displayed pedophilic tendencies multiple times.

Reposted an iFunny video of Shadow wizard cunny gang, his gangs name in MBRP, and how SWCG loves children.

Doxxed maze and his sister who supposedly was 12 in the picture he posted (Further pedophilic behavior)

Overall: User is a freakshow and needs to take a vacation. Probably has a dickydoo too.

Edit: On his Ifunny, he reposted a meme of people on a metro train all thinking “I want to fuck [Insert image of seemingly underage loli character] unprotected”


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This guy has been banned from the Discord, for (from what i know) pedo shit. Then, car1 made a report on him recently, the user was apparently "dealt with accordingly", which he wasn't I believe. He even doxxed Maze (I'd say semi-dox bc his name is public but he still kinda doxxed him) and got a 7d ban for it which should have been a comm ban or at least a perm ban bruh. Then, he says pedo shit on ifunny... and just finds ways to get away with it, saying he didn't mean anything in a pedo way that's hella disgusting. Like when is he getting banned he's so disgusting dude just ban him it's not even hard to deal with a pedo dude it's the easiest shit ever. Maze and his sister picture (when he was like 14) and got away with it, car1 user report, got away with it... They gotta do something about it police should be involved in that

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4 minutes ago, Freeze ツ said:

'd say semi-dox bc his name is public but he still kinda doxxed him)

He went out of his way to find my moms Facebook. When I was banned for naming myself mschaats real name, he told multiple different people that his name was Michael and all I did was name myself it. I never looked outside of that and still got banned. So this would classify as doxxing

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+ support for a community ban. Very fucking weird, loads of evidence proving these claims. Anyone who’s going out of their way to find anyone’s socials or anything that isn’t told to them by that person Is just fucking weird on it’s own. Yeet this loser maybe he’ll be the next floodedmarathon with the FBI at his front door 


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