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6/16 MBRP Update Log


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6/16 MBRP Update Log


  • Added Legend rank to the credit store for 6000 credits. (Features below)
    • Increased inventory size.
    • Additional skill pointed earned.
    • Bypassing nonexclusive job limits.
    • No cooldown on switching jobs.
    • Passive health and armor regeneration. (After 10 seconds of not taking damage, regenerate 5 health and armor per second)
    • Monthly weapon rotation. (Current weapon is Vulcanus)
    • Rainbow mining tools.
    • 90% printer boost.
    • 95 prop limit.
    • Un targetable by mugger.
    • Access to exclusive Pay Day Crew job set.
    • Access to Legendary Mining job.
      • Adds 2 credits to your account per hour.
      • Access to jackhammer immediately.
    • Access to exclusive Counterfeiter job.
      • Job has access to an exclusive money printer.
  • Added Suggestion System.
    • Usable by /suggestion command or suggestion npc
  • Added Pack-a-Punch.
  • Added command to check ids
  • Added command to retrieve entity / model names
  • Added money roulette to the credit store for 500 credits
  • Updated entity HUD tool to include legendary printer.
  • Updated raid bag to include legendary printer.
  • Updated gambling machines.
  • Updated mugger.
  • Updated picture frames. (Only can use imgur links now)
  • Updated various server files.
  • Updated prop protection.
  • Updated dadmin player meta.
  • Updated dadmin kick.
  • Updated mining weapons.
  • Reverted spas-12 damage.
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werent media players removed like i havent played in a while but add back the good shit first at least before trying to make the loyal players pay you more

untargetable by mugger wtf i cant fuck with people who pay 60 bucks now its already hard to find a useable mugger sometimes

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  • Developer
4 hours ago, Mark Stinnson said:

Y'all need a rank up option, not spending 60 on a new rank 

There is a rank up option. Its $20 for those with exhibitionist. If you are having issues ingame contact a manager and they will be able to help you..

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