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Freeze's bug report : Legend rank's job limit bypass

Freeze ツ

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Which server/platform is this suggestion for? (Forums/Discord/Rust/MBRP/PRP)


Name of Suggestion:

Legend rank's job limit bypass is broken

Helpful Link(s):


Suggestion Description:

There can be like 10 bp chiefs at same time or like 5 sewer monster queens.

Why should we add this?

I don't think 10 bp chiefs is a good thing. Remove the limit bypass for some jobs like ICE SRT Chief, BP Chief, Bank Manager, Police Chief, El Chapo/El Chapo Wife, Sewer Monster King/Sewer Monster Queen, Hobo Lord, Apartments Landlord?, Osama Bin Laden. This should be every job that shouldn't be limit bypassed.

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  • Developer

I am not so sure about this one, I'll leave this one on the forums for now to see if it gains any traction, but as it stands the legend rank allowing players to bypass single slot jobs to allow them to play on the job that they wanted was what we intended from the start. The hypotheticals made in the suggestion would require a group of people that want to have fun and play the same job at the same time. I see nothing wrong with this. At the moment the only jobs that cannot be bypassed are the President, Hoxton, Dallas, Chains, Wolf and perhaps a future job depending on how it comes out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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