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6/30 MBRP Update Log


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  • Developer


  • Added volume for radios in F4 menu.
  • Added ability to respawn go karts.
  • Added RAD-15 To S.W.A.T Breach.
    • RAD-15 is able to create and accept warrants on players if there is no current President.
    • RAD-15 has a hardcoded 10-minute cooldown for balancing.
  • S.W.A.T Jobs are now restricted to Americans only.
  • Fixed salary event for S.W.A.T jobs.
  • Fixed Pets not being able to walk.
  • Fixed supplier job not being able to sell everything.
  • Sewer Monsters can now rummage through dumpsters.
  • Attempted a fix for furniture, players should be able to use the tool gun on them now.
  • Buffed armor and med kit.
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