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7/21 MBRP Update Log


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7/21ย MBRP Update Log

  • Added bitminers to counterfeiter job.
  • Added armory lockpick to thief class jobs.
  • Added ability for thief class jobs to raid the border armory.
  • Added thug shake emote. ( This is in the emote wheel )
  • Added S.W.A.T jobs to get alert when someone sells cocaine.
  • Added Chemical Fiend to cocaine.
  • Added damagable entities for events.
  • Added Lucky balls for casino.
  • Added Legendary weapon for next month.
  • Restricted thief job to America.
  • Restricted gangster job to Mexico.
  • Increased casino manager slots to 3.
  • Buffed Cocaine.
    • Minimum now sells for 60k, Maximum 80k.
    • Gas Usage reduced.
    • Cooking time reduced.
    • Extraction time reduced.
    • Removed over cooking.
    • Drying time reduced.
  • Buffed Moonshine.
    • Minimum now sells for 65k, Maximum 90k.
    • Increased amount of moonshine that can fit per jar.
    • Reduced chance of dirtying upgrades.
    • Reduced fuel usage.
    • Reduced fermentation time.
  • Updated buddies.
  • Updated discord bot integration.
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