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7/22 MBRP Update Log


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7/22 MBRP Update Log

  • Updated lucky balls to fix user auth issue.
  • Nerfed legendary printer.
    • Printer can now be destroyed.
    • Printer can no longer be frozen.
  • Buffed Falcon.
    • Damage changed from 60 to 70.
    • Penetration amount changed from 1 to 2.
  • Buffed clerk robbable.
    • Amount to be robbed changed from $150k to $250k.
    • Time it takes to rob changed from 160 seconds to 90 seconds.
    • Players needed online changed from 35 to 30.
  • Buffed Yeast
    • Yeast grinding should be more tolerable now.
  • Added mugger back on the map.
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