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8/4 MBRP Update Log


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8/4 MBRP Update Log

  • Slightly buffed Kvolt-90.
  • Added new Help menu for players,
    • Menu has simple fixes for new and old players alike such as,
    • Model Fixes,
    • Weapon Fixes,
    • Keybind Fixes,
    • FPS Fixes,
    • Rank Fixes,
    • and more soon to come.
  • Added new unboxing crate, crate includes the following permanent weapons,
    • AK47 Vulcan,
    • AWP Dragon Lore,
    • MP7 Urban Hazard,
    • M4A4 Asiimov,
    • AK47 Redline.
  • Added new event system, system includes,
    • Dropout minigame,
    • Red light, Greenlight minigame,
    • Plataforms minigame.
  • Added runspeed bonus to Payday Crew jobs.
  • Added TVs back.
  • Added Priest job.
    • Priest may only base inside of the church in mexico but may spread the word of GOD anywhere,
    • People feel blessed just by being near you.
  • Added tank models to blacklist.
  • Adjusted meth system,
    • All times have been streamlined for different types of meth,
    • Buffed value of meth,
    • Difficulty has been changed for all types of meth,
    • Delivery timer has been increased,
    • Meth can be broken faster now after freezing,
    • Police jobs now get notification and sieze rewards for meth.
  • Adjusted opium system,
    • Setup costs for opium have been increased.
  • Adjusted Pizza system
    • Pizza times and values have been balanced.
  • Adjusted casino wheels,
    • Added more weapon rewards to the wheel,
    • Removed some cash rewards from the wheel.
  • Fixed Logos on unboxing crates.
  • Replaced Hitman System.
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