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9/9 MBRP Update Log


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9/9 MBRP Update log

  • Added XP function to sit request system for staff.
  • Fixed admin request system.
  • Fixed cocaine models not working.
  • Fixed legend access to Pro Runner and Chem Fiend.
  • Fixed meth giving insane amount of XP.
  • Fixed printer auto collect not giving XP.
  • Removed level requirement from Evil Scientist.
  • Decreased the level requirement to craft the m24 from 95 to 65
  • Decreased the level requirement to craft the Big Glock from Prestige 1 Level 45 to Prestige 1 Level 25
  • Blacklisted a couple more weapons from pack a punch as they are way too powerful
  • Fixed loading screen not showing properly

Known Bugs:

  • Red Sushi Challenge not working in the season pass
  • Advanced Dupe 2 breaking when being put in a custom category
  • A few other bugs - If you find any make sure to post them by typing /suggestion
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