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9/22 MBRP Update Log


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9/22 MBRP Update Log

  • Added ability for John Wick to take hits.
  • Added ability to knock players out with the bible.
  • Added additional bitmining rack to Pro Hacker.
  • Added additional health and armor to John Wick. ( Health and Armor skills no longer give benefits )
  • Added weekly battle pass challenges ( Each week will have 4 - 5 challenges )
    This weeks challenges:
    • Buy Crates and Keys [10x, 30x]
    • Raid the White House Armory [1x, 5x, 10x]
    • Selling Lean [$75k, $150k, $500k, $1M, $5M]
    • Win Double or nothing [1x, 2x]
  • Buffed meth by 50%.
  • Buffed opium.
    • Reduced heating times by 35 seconds.
    • Removed packaging time completely.
  • Buffed printer racks by 20%.
  • Buffed turbulent by 80%.
  • Nerfed pack-a-punch.
    • Boosted damage nerfed by 10%.
    • Clipsize cost increased.
      • Reduced amount of given depending on capacity size of weapon.
    • Double Tap cost increased.
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