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9/28 MBRP Update Log


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9/28 MBRP Update Log

  • HUD Fixes
    • Door information is now properly shown when using Top or Bottom HUD.
    • Prop limit is now properly shown for each rank.
    • Wanted notices no longer throw errors when being wanted by the bank vault.
  • Pet System
    • Maximum amount of pets a player can own is now 2.
    • Pets now age every 2 minutes from 3 minutes.
  • Prop Limit
    • Prop limit for users have been increased to 45.
    • Prop limit has been fixed for all staff ranks.
  • Season Pass weekly challenges have been updated
    This Weeks Challenges include;
    • Purchasing pets.
    • Raiding the bank.
    • Spinning casino wheels.
    • Sold opium boxes.
  • Various client / server side improvements to help reduce time outs including removing unused systems
    • Double downloads have been removed.
    • Entity Icon downloads have been removed.
    • Font downloads have been removed.
    • Fruit-Slicer has been removed.
    • Legendary mining credits are now more consistent on giving credits, they are still set to 2 credits per hour.
    • Mini game tool has been removed.
    • Picture downloads have been removed.
    • Removed debug prints from console.
    • Scratch-offs has been removed.
    • Weapon foundry has been removed.
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