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10/13 MBRP Update Log


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10/13 MBRP Update Log

During the past month we have been working hard on resolving the player timeout issue which has caused our server population to fall. We discovered an issue that related to the host change and have been working towards find a resolution, in the end we have made the decision to switch to a different host where this issue doesn't exist. That being said our new IP can be found here

New Content

  • Halloween Update has arrived.
    • Halloween challenges have been added.
    • Halloween decorations have been placed around the map.
      • Skybox has been changed to a darker one till the end of the month.
    • New accessories have been added to the server.
    • Halloween jobs have been added to the server.
      • Jason follows the same ruleset as the serial killer
      • Witch can brew potions using the cauldron by adding empty potions to it and using it, you may sell the potions or give them away for free.
    • Next bot has been added for events.
    • Pumpkin smashing has been added back.
      • End of month rewards, There will be 3 winners, all 3 winners will receive an exclusive perm weapon as a reward, the 1st place winner will also receive 1,500 credits
      • Rewards have been added to pumpkin smashing, players will have the chance to receive XP, Health, Armor, Weapons upon smashing pumpkins.

Returning Content

  • Moonshine has been added back into the server.
  • Scratch off tickets have been added back into the server for use inside of the casino.

Updated Content

  • Leaderboards have been updated.
  • NPC overheads have been updated.
  • Prestige shop trails are now applied on spawn.
  • Prestige shop weapons are given on spawn.
  • Printer bonuses have been buffed.
  • XP gains have been buffed across all levels, should be easier for players to level up and prestige.


  • Added materials to material tool from weapon skins NPC.
  • Added in-game load screen for hot loading content and hooks.
  • All jobs can now sell moonshine and meth.
  • Automated holiday jobs and entities.
  • Fixed free daily spins, they are now given through the reward menu. ( !rewards )
  • Fixed fidget spinner not being given to all staff members.
  • Fixed initial spawn hooks for server restart script.
  • Fixed player customization NPC errors.
  • Fixed police baton and shield models.
  • Fixed rank upgrade command.
  • Fixed most sounds on TFA weapons.
  • Removed console debug prints.
  • Removed dead materials.
  • Removed unnecessary downloads to speed up join time.
  • Updated A2S Caching.
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