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11/26 DarkRP Update Log


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DarkRP 11/26 Update Log

Updated Content

  • Moved the purge hud down so it doesn't interfere with the hud
  • The following jobs now have access to lock/unlock pd doors
    • Secret Service
    • SWAT Breacher
  • Fixed not being able to wire things together in wiremod
  • Custom Classes can now raid the mayor vault
  • Moonshine Distiller can now purchase the Grinder Motor

Hitman Changes

  • [New] Introducing auto generated hits
    • Hits will not be placed on people in spawn

Money Silo Changes

  • You can no longer spawn in a silo when the player count is under 15
  • There are now logs for money silos for staff
  • Removed debug prints
  • Made the silo hud not as intrusive
  • New rule for money silos
    • NLR and Raid Cooldowns do NOT apply to bases with an active money silo. check the rest here

Duels Changes

  • Players without a duel played will no longer show up on the Leaderboard

Economy Changes

  • Buffed all drug making jobs by 15%
    • Moonshine
    • Cigarettes
    • Cocaine
    • Opium
    • Meth (All types of meth)
  • Nerfed all printers by 15%
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