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Darkrp Update 3/28/2018


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Exhibitionrp DarkRP change log 2.3

  • Buffed up the bitminers speed and the amount given on one bitcoin.
    - Sped up by 20-30% and gives out 175 at one time now instead of 90.
  • Buffed up all the printers amount given per minute. (Buffed ALOT!)
    - Also made it so the fans don't break overtime so the only thing you need to maintain is the battery life, this will be a test run to see how it goes.
    - Shouldn't have any more complaints about it being "to hard" to earn money.
  • Fixed inventory size for certain ranks
  • Increased max stack on the inventory from 16 to 250, so you should not have anymore issues with the limit.
  • Increased the prices have been increased on printers
  • Making meth has been buffed, instead of making $10k you now make $16k.
  • Increased all the prices of meth items.
  • Buffed oil earnings from $5.5k to $10k.
  • Buffed mining alot
  • Job salaries:
    Mayor from 150 to 250
    Police Officer from 95 to 145
    Police Chief from 125 to 180
    Police Flash from 80 to 120
    SWAT Member from 100 to 165
    SWAT Chief from 125 to 195
    SWAT Sniper from 120 to 145
    SWAT Support from 100 to 180
    Juggernaut from 100 to 200

    I understand with this update will drive the economy under once again, but it will bring most players back and I will continue to work on the server and keep adding quality items to purchase with in game money to make it worth making money. Expect some new exciting content very soon!
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Guest LevelCake's biggest fan

These are great changes, but maybe the other suggestions might need to be implemented soon.

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