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False banning by paprika

The Grand Pa!

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In game name: Sewer King Grand. Yall already know me


It was paprika, and I dont know her Steam ID. It's a pain in the butt to get it because I'm on mobile cause my computer is broken rn.


Basically, I was doing a casino raid and I killed the casino manager. He broke NLR multiple times in the Hopes of getting me out of his casino so people could go back inside and use it. I made a sit after he finally killed me and paprika was the only staff on so they took it. After about 15 minutes of looking at the logs, the person was finally banned. Paprika banned them for NLRx7 which was incorrect. I could see in the console that I had only killed him 4 times, and he had killed me once. The first time I killed him was of course not NLR because it was the first death. In total he only broke NLRx4 and should have been banned for a day, but instead he was banned for NLRx7 which is a 4 day ban. 3 days were added to his sentence for no reason and it was wrong.


All evidence is on discord and I cant seem to get it to save on my phone. If evidence is needed I will forward it to whoever asks on discord.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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