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Community Contest 1: Best Build


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Best Build Competition


How would you win? It's simple! Make a nice looking, aesthetically pleasing base on any Exhibition server and upload a picture of it to the comments! You may use any theme, background or part of the map to help your build! Comment down below the picture and three of the best builds will be picked and rewarded a prize depending on where you're placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd).


1st Place
Exhibitionist or something with the same value

2nd Place
VIP+ or something with the same value

3rd Place 
VIP or something with the same value

If you already have one of these prizes, you are still able to receive different prizes not listed.


  1. You must be building on an Exhibition server
  2. Base must follow server rules and server basing rules
  3. The use of E2 or any other donator kit on the base is not allowed
  4. Staff may not use out of bounds areas for base locations
  5. You may only use 35 props
  6. Only one person may be allowed to build the base
  7. You may only submit 1 entry


  1. gz
  2. Voided
  3. Nutla
  4. drangia!
  5. Brand

Contest ends 7/26/2019

Winners will be chosen 7/30/2019


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My base is a hobo base meant for only the finest of the hobos.





My Hobo base has plenty of room to do paperwork at the nice desk in the corner, or if you aren't in the mood you can sit in the chair and watch the ocean. 
There is also plenty of room for company and sick parties yo. 

Exactly 35 props btw.

exceptionally functional hobo base. 

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My casual house with a  great view 

Inside of this house there is enough room for all your furniture and other personal belongings. 

But it is your choice how to use the house after all



The outside of the house:



The inside of the house + balcony view:



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Here is my base for this contest, made on MBRP.

The concept of this base is to provide a fair usable base to store printers or even bitcoin at the top of the base.
This base is well located at the center of the US near the White House.

This base is made of 35 props and 3 fading doors(they are all in white execpt the main door).

Made of Two main colors, white and blue, reminding the Greek architecture while being bullet proof(the few no collide props are not bullet proof), made with the stacker and the precision items.

hl2 19-07-2019 23-48-06-625.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-47-59-103.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-47-10-575.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-47-25-458.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-47-33-363.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-47-39-680.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-48-21-826.png

hl2 19-07-2019 23-48-29-787.png

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my base is designed for people to come up and try to lockpick, once they do, then I use my thundergun to knock them off, and I continue this process. I have tested this base, and you can't skip it with the railgun or the grappling hook. you can shoot through that wall, so if they don't lockpick, then I hide behind the 4 thick wall so they can't shoot me, not to mention the colors make it look really nice. I left a video to show how my design works. (sorry for all of the screenshots, it's a really big base for only 45 props)


Screenshot (135).png

Screenshot (130).png

Screenshot (131).png

Screenshot (132).png

Screenshot (133).png

Screenshot (134).png

Screenshot (136).png

Screenshot (137).png

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We like fortnite!

The SS below the line isn't part of the competition, as spawning in a camera is something a user can't do. But I just found it to be funny SS.




On 7/19/2019 at 6:17 PM, Guest AbnormalDino-Matthew#1361 said:




ALSO: We can't see your propcounter my dude. 

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