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Trash Job Guide


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Just starting and looking for some easy money without having to setup a base which could take you forever, then getting yelled at to get off?
No this did not happen to me even though it's very specific


Here is a guide to the Trashman Job.

Step #1: Locate The Trash.
There are many sewer manholes throughout the map. Find one! They look like this.


Step #2: Is there trash?
You may be able to find a manhole, however this does not mean there will be trash inside. Open by pressing "e" on the cover and it will open. If a number shows with a trash logo there is X amount of kg of trash waiting to be collected. If there isn't the logo with a number, then we must find a new manhole.


Step #3: Collecting the Trash.
To actually collect the trash from the sewers you must be holding your trash collector gun, aiming at the sewer, and holding right click. This will being the trash collecting process. It may take a couple seconds to fully collect all of the trash within the sewer pipes. When you are collecting the trash you will see your total trash kg go up. You may also see your level bar going up this allows you to collect more faster garbage the higher this goes. You may also notice the number on the trash logo will go down. This is because you are taking the garbage, soon you will have to find another manhole to collect more trash from. (You could also just wait for the trash to restock itself, but it may take a while).


Step #4: Using the trash.
After you have successfully collected trash your bar will be full of trash. You have to go around the map and find either a recycler or a burner. To drop your trash, hit the Middle mouse button on your mouse. This will drop your trash. After you drop your trash bag you have two options, 1) Put it in the burner, close, start, and get your money. OR you can do 2) Put the trash bag into the recycler, select one of the 5-6 options, click recycle, wait the timer, then put in the conveyor belt for a little more money for more effort.



I hope you enjoyed learning something new.

❤️ - Bubbles 

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