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Update 1/24/2020


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  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to set others rp name.
  • Also for the time being disabled the name changing through the nationality npc due to this exploit so for now just use /rpname or /name
  • Buffed the keypad cracker now takes 20 seconds to crack the keypad (Now is 10 seconds faster)
  • Buffed the Master keypad cracker now takes 10 seconds to crack the keypad (Now is 20 seconds faster)



  • Fixed a bug with the player collisions when exiting a vehicle or when exiting ALT+E sit script


Sadly the 6 day streak is over but I didn't want to force updates

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On 1/24/2020 at 7:53 PM, Buttered Roll said:

these comments are literally just content count farming



good work on the update though ig lol definitely not farming hahah jk

Nahhhh we ain’t farming


*Why did you have today something*

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