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BillCosby's Staff Application


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Your Username:

A: BillCosby

Your SteamID:

A: STEAM_0:1:104797112

Your Discord Name and #:

A: Seymour#5090

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:

A: Yes I was jailed 3 weeks ago for apparently not adverting raid, but the admin that jailed me got demoted later. I've been jailed 2 other times for FRP because I waited 8 out of the 15 minutes between a raid on the same people. 

Your Age:

A: 15 Almost 16

Your Timezone:


Time Played:

A: 315 Hours

Staffing Experience (Optional):

A: I currently staff on 2 larger discord servers, but they don't take much maintenance. I staffed on MysticRP for 5 months before they inevitably shut down. I was also an admin on BloodFuze PVP (Rust Server) for 2 ½ months before I quit due to me being one of the only admins on and the server was slowly dying out. 

Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):

A: I should be accepted into the staff team because I have good morals and staffing experience. I'm a pretty laid back and neutral person so I won't take sides and be able to do the best job I can. I am good at talking to and reasoning with people and won't get heated or annoyed, no matter what. I'm familiar with the current staff and cool with most of them so there isn't any bad blood there. I'll be able to be on when most admins can't because of my time zone and lengthy hours I'm looking forward to serving. The current game is getting a bit dry so this experience will be fresh and new. I'm very responsive on discord and can hop on whenever shit hits the fan if I'm not there already. I love this community and don't want to see the server be under-staffed and die like so many others. I'll listen to both sides of every story and be as fair as I can. I won't have a biased against anyone and treat everyone the same. I don't mind helping new players do certain tasks, even if they are really small. I will not lie and always tell the truth, regardless if it benefits me or not. Any decision that I make can also be referred back to because I almost always record all of my gameplay. 

How often can you be on the server?:

A: 8-10 hours on school days. 13 on weekends.

Are you familiar with the rules?:

A: Yes

Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?

A: Yes

Are you aware that you must be active on the discord/forums aswell as in-game to keep a staff position if you are accepted? (Recommended to be active on both before applying)

A: Yes

What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User):

A: Exhibitionist.

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+Nice guy

+Good at making a sit if theres a problem

+As far as im aware you understand the rules

+Great paragraph and overall application

+ Great hours

+ Great availability

+/- None

-An admin or somebody that's wants to be should be able to find a steam ID

-Your usage of the word ‘apparently’ makes me think you may hold grudges. Its as far as the admin in question could see in logs, why would he lie?

-Low forum and discord activity; as its stated “Recommended to be active on both before applying” as of writing this you’ve made 9 posts on the forum and only used the main discord today and a tiny bit yesterday.

-Haven’t really seen you on except for the past 2-3 days come to think of it.

I was doing terror as a terrorist sniper, I killed you and you came back with a sniper rifle. As a hobo. I wasn't gonna put this in here but I will as a matter of fact and to change my neutral support to a negative support.

I'd love to see you helping staff the server but I think you need to be more active overall. I'd say reapply at a later date and taking the meanwhile to be more active and to more thoroughly learn the rules on the server. Best wishes to you!

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-Normally chill whenever I see you in-game

-Never has really gotten into trouble

-Mature enough to deal with people

Just try to get your activity on the forums and discord up and you’ll be set (oh and get a good knowledge of all the rules as it’ll help you out big time).

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-you just started being active as in on discord and forums right before this went up

-your not really mature in any way that I've seen you

+good application

-/+ it was a rust server, and I don't know how those staff member work, as in how relayed they are to gmod

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I mean honestly idk.

Last night I saw you taking over our territory without adverting which isnt very staff like imo.

You haven't made much of an impression on the forums to me

Until recently you haven't been on much (to me at least).

You couldn't find your steam id at first?

And you've been in quite a few sits according to John.

So I gotta say, -support honestly.

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Changed to a +Support

+Active in game

-Not much forums / discord activity

-You should learn how to get a steam ID

+Good app

+Nice guy

+Good hours


Just don't know you enough to give you my support.

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