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Update 04/26/2020


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  • Removed the following e2 functions due to them not being needed.
    bone:applyForce(vector force)
    entity:applyForce(vector force)
    applyForce(vector force)
    runOnTick(number activate)
  • Fixed some errors in dadmin
  • Fixed a big bug with warrants
  • Fixed a big bug with lotteries
  • Fixed another crash issue
  • Fixed an issue where certain players only see everyone as user (Maybe)
  • Now when the mayor gets killed by other Police it will no longer demote him.
  • Now when someone gets arrested they will drop their vault money bags (Coming to MBRP probably tomorrow!)



  • Fixed possible crash issue with the chests



  • Fixed afk checker for staff
  • Updated the rewards addon 
  • Fixed the discord reward not giving rewards 
  • Fixed scanner detecting props
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