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9/21 Update Log


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  • Fixed a few wording errors in Elections and Border Armory.
  • You can now drop the AK47
  • Disabled dropping of assorted admin weapons
  • Mercenary now spawns with a Benelli M3
  • Increased the price of the medkit to $1,250
  • Increased the price of armor to $1,750
  • Buffed Medicinal Vape (Health now increases by 2)
  • Decreased the amount for certain drug prices
    • Beer from $10,000 to $5,000
    • Pack of Smokes from $12,500 to $7,500
    • Weed from $16,000 to $11,000
  • You can now purchase shipments of Heroin as the correct job
  • Added Base tag to Citizen
  • Bank windows are now owned by Bank Staff
  • Increased the price of Acid from $10 to $250 (Meth System)

thanks to @Damplips for the help

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8 hours ago, BigMonkey said:

Bruh $1,750 for amor

There still free armor dipseners at spawn
Pro medics can Regen your armor
& You can purchase armor printers for inifinite armor regen for 7,500

This is just to help counter act the "buy armor mid conflict meta". If your still need the single use items they are still there but now they cost 250 more!

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