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6/17/2022 MBRP Update


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  • Removed kidnap tags on the following jobs
    • El Chapo
    • El Chapo's Wife
  • Removed the (Max Price $50,000) out of Coyotes description
  • Increased the raiding radius for the White House armory
  • Fixed a bug allowing people to prop push with textscreens
  • Blacklisted the following props below:
    • models/props_combine/cell_array_01.mdl
    • models/props_combine/cell_array_01_extended.mdl
    • models/props_combine/cell_array_02.mdl
    • models/props_combine/cell_array_03.mdl
  • There now needs to be 2 Cartel members on to raid the Cartel vault
  • Decreased the Cartel vault raid payout from $5mil to $2.5mil
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