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7/11/2022 PrisonRP Update


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  • Fixed boats showing up as unowned after relogging
  • Added a new skill (Printer Boost)
  • Pushed a fix for players with symbols in their name not getting their money progress saved
  • You can no longer arrest staff in adminmode
  • You can no longer charge more than $100,000 on keypads
  • You can no longer disguise as these jobs
    • Warden
    • All Gang Leader Jobs
    • Mad Scientist
  • These jobs now have access to the Prison Vault
    • Correctional Sergent
    • Corrupt Officer
  • These weapons have been added to the Prison Vault
    • AK-47
    • ACR
    • M4-16
    • Scar
    • Jack Hammer
    • Ithica M37
    • Mossberg
    • M29 Baretta
    • HK45-C
    • Raging Bull
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