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Darkrp Update 4/2/2018


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Exhibitionrp DarkRP change log 2.5.2

  • Added a check for the xp system to freeze once a player goes afk.
  • Removed old door alarms
  • Added new alarms with trip wires, and cameras! (Thanks to @lmao for the suggestion!)
  • Removed old inventory system
  • Added a new improved inventory system with the following features
    - A marketplace to sell shipments
    - A cash register to sell valuables from your inventory
    - A new trading system that allows players to trade items with other players!
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12 minutes ago, ★ StatTrak™ Matt ✔ said:

you should speed up the XP system at the current rate it takes around a full day of playing for one level

That shouldn’t happen....

It takes a while so players want to play and get points.

The points are also op, if you want xp faster get the points and put them into xp rate.



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25 minutes ago, Miskie said:

@lmaoThere is a thing you can upgrade to speed the xp bar, as voided said skill points are very overpowered and they are fine as they are.

Ah I did not know that. I haven't looked into the skill system yet. I will have to put some more points into that then.

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