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7/9/2018 Update


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  • Fixed an error where you would spawn in nil after leaving while jailed
  • It will now rejail you for the remaining time if you leave while jailed
  • Nerfed Run speed and Armor in skills


  • Nothing yet :(


  • Replaced kidnapper supplies from Restraints to the Bludgeon where now you knock them out and bring them to your base so it is hard for them to fight it.
  • Added bludgeon logs for staff members


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10 minutes ago, Voided Out said:

Honestly no

the thing is that the bludgeon does not have a cooldown timer unlike the restraints, also for some reason whenever someone is kidnapped by bludgeon they die and respawn

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Bludgeon has a 60 second timer after someone’s been knocked out (on the person you knocked out)

Bludgeon takes time before you can swing again

Bludgeon requires you to be behind someone to bludgeon, you can’t just hit anywhere

Bludgeon only keeps someone knocked out for 40 seconds

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