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Sage and John Staff Report


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 Your in-game name:
Browars STEAM_0:1:177965036

Staff members name:
Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):
Sage STEAM_0:0:71668225
John STEAM_0:1:196778185

Explain what happened:
I basing on the sidewalk near spawn as a black market dealer. I was doing fine until Sage had come over
and told me to remove my props because only non-illegal merchants can build on the sidewalk.
I asked for them to show me the rule so that I could check it out and make sure it was true
I was just told to read the rules and to remove it.
I had nicely tried to inform the staff member that I've read the rules and it said nothing about this.
As I was going about this situation John had flown over and told me to remove the props and told me to read the rules because they had updated. As of December 14th updated MBRP rules
the only rule is Building Rule 5 this rule is (No one besides hobos/merchants may build on sidewalk. No one may build on the street.)
[What happens to them is fully up to y'all but I just want this to be out there in case of any other misconducts by these members]

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)
I sadly had crashed after this event yet December 15th, 3:40 pm EST logs should show some of the convo that had been said between us.
I know that this is required but without access to logs, there's nothing that I can do.

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32 minutes ago, John Hernandes said:

All I seen was you arguing with sage about removing something so I came over and said "If he wants you to remove it, then please remove it."

Thank you for clarifying what happened on your part. I may have gotten a bit into the moment there and just didnt realize. 

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Had you remove it for two reasons.

•It was  too close to spawn and it was gonna cause one side of spawn to be blocked once someone built on the other side which they always do. So  I was gonna have you move it to the grass. That way it could not block the whole passage was once in use. As it stood, once the fading doors you used were in use it would block one way for people leaving spawn. 

• The second was you were not permitted to built on sidewalks at the time to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately the rules were updated by damp 18h prior and I was not informed. 

So that voids my second reason but still not the first.

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