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1.4 Patch Notes


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  • Added a new Drug System(Each drug has different benefits)
  • Added a new Drug Supplier job
  • Added Elegant Printers
  • Added Bitminers 2
  • Added Meth
  • Added Fruit Slicer
  • Added Radios
  • Added a DJ job
  • Added a Heavy Gun Dealer (VIP Job)
  • Added new weapons for the Heavy Gun Dealer
  • Added a Vape Dealer
  • Added Vapes
  • Added Pizza Chef
  • Added new ui (F4 Menu, Scoreboard, Hud, Context Menu)
  • Added a new Bank Guard job
  • Added Lean
  • Added a new Event system for x2 profit
  • Made it so Weed Fans can now be frozen
  • Gave Master Thief 2 Breaching Charges
  • Gave Terrorist Breaching Charges
  • You now must have 6 hours to become Tow Truck Driver
  • Added an inventory bank in spawn
  • Staff now have the fire extinguisher
  • Gave Police a car bomb defusal kit
  • Changed the positions of all the Construction Workers pits
  • Fixed up fastdl a little bit(Should load in faster now)
  • Fixed a spelling issue in pcon
  • Removed old Custom Printers (Too buggy)
  • Removed Cook job
  • Removed old food



  • Just updated the map to rp_mbrp_exhib_v10!


Thanks to @Nutla for helping push the update!

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