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Your Username


Your SteamID


Your Discord Name and #

LordFourSquare #1532

Have you ever been punished an ExbihitionRP? If so, why?

I've been jailed for RDM x1 and for building a base with a crouched entry.

Your Age


Your Timezone


Time Played

48 Hours

Staffing Experience

DarkRP Mod a few years ago

Why should you be excepted to the staff

This server has never failed to impress me with all of the things to do and people to meet. Also all the staff have always been wonderful people even when in a sit they listen to both sides and will give out punishment that is deserved. I'm not 100% certain of my own quality's but I would want to be and example of what I've already seen. Taking a calm approach to an issue and figuring it completely out in general before punishing or warning other players. I always try to follow the rules and I admit I have broken some of them while playing and always regret it afterwards knowing I have to wait in jail before being able to continue playing. I fully understand the extent of that and just want to give players a safe and friendly environment to RP and have fun. Like I said this server has never failed to impress me and I would love to be apart of what makes it so great.

How often can you be on the server

I'm on for at least up to 3 hours almost every single day 

Are you familiar with the rules


Are you aware you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server


Have you read the TOS


What rank are you on the server

User but plan on changing that when I have money lol

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overal support: - support,

+/- Ive only seen you like once on the server from my personal side

- The application doesnt say a lot about who you are which i want to know more about.

- your hours are just under meh for me.

+ your age is good.

ADVICE: Try to play more and be active on the forums and discord to really engage with the community. Also i believe you dont need staffing experience as its just a plus quality some people have.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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