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Miskie Staff Report the Sequal


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Your in-game name: Mia


Staff members name: Miskie


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): idk


Explain what happened:

The exact guidelines that Miskie broke are clear as day in the evidence.

 I highlighted the exact things he did to make it easier for everyone.

He also put "Don't Appeal" in the Ban Reason, which is not only something you should NOT put in a ban reason, but it's also showing clear bias toward me. There is no such thing as a non appeal-able ban. (Unless there has been some changed that I don't know about.)

Here's some things to note:

  • He did not give me a legitimate sit.
  • He did not ask for my side or let me explain myself in any way.
  • He did not check logs thoroughly (or at all.)
  • Even IF I RDM'd every single person that I killed, it still would not be enough for a perma. This means he is disregarding the banning rubric entirely.
  • If he was a normal staff member, I would undoubtedly receive and unban and he would most likely get a staff strike.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.)






**This part's is directed to Miskie:

I am assuming you saw me kill a few people and decided to ban me with out giving it much thought. The cop I killed twice was trying to arrest me, it's common knowledge that you can KOS a cop that's trying to arrest you. Even if not, it's still not worthy of a perma ban. You cannot see me killing two people without a valid reason and just assume that the rest of my kills were RDM. The last guy I killed, you can see I adverted Steal which runners are allowed to do.


Edit: just to be clear, obviously i dont expect anything to come from this staff report, this is more or less my ban appeal, which is why my ban appeal is just a link to this. I figured this is the best way to get Miskie's attention since no staff can have any say in the matter. You clearly made a major assumption that I was mass RDMing, which I understand, but the fact that im here making this appeal/report makes it obvious I wasnt there to mass RDM and get banned (or else I would have just took the ban and left.) Also, lets be real here, you dont even know if I was RDMing or not because there was no sit. This is just me telling you that your assumption was wrong

(If you notice, not a single staff member dares to put their opinion or reply to this thread, I'd like to think it's because they know this was an unfair ban but dont wanna say anything. doesn't matter anyway though, miskie has to deal with it himself)



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+This is a false ban1!@#?!@#?!@?#!

in the ban reason miskie doesn't  specify how many kills have he had done for example "rdm 24x never" something like that i really think miskie should specify how many kills he had in the reason of his ban


the chances of this report getting accepted is slim

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2 hours ago, Hollow said:

- support you are a retard miskie is superior why else did I get perma banned on discord 

Someones been riding too much cock for someone who isn’t active in the community anymore

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16 minutes ago, Egg said:

Someones been riding too much cock for someone who isn’t active in the community anymore

Lol  if the owner bans someone obviously they are going to stay banned.  why fight it? 

plus I can’t be riding cock I’m banned myself from communicating with miskie 

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