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1/2/2020 MC Update 1.0


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So as of recently I've come to conclusion to stop using the discord for updates, and I'll be transferring all old, and future updates to the forums!. This will be the only update for now until I get another list written. Anyways.. here you go. Also, I've mixed new updates in this list!


Network Updates:

Added More checks/detection's if server goes offline.

Added Support for 1.15+. (Still choppy)

Added A new staffing system.

Added Proxy checks

Added Connection thresholds

Added A few checks for bot attacks.

Removed Playtime being tracked in the lobbies.

Fixed Issues with /server command

Fixed A few connection issues.

Fixed An issue across all servers with 1.9+ connection blocks. (chests, hoppers, ect..)

Fixed Tablist across all servers.

Fixed a few version mismatch issues.

Fixed Scoreboard issue with date putting "null"

Fixed A bug when specific characters are put into a book.

Fixed Finally fixed the issue when connecting to the server (to many accounts)


Lobby Updates:

Added Even more optimizations due to a mass drop in TPS.

Added New lobby system

Added Some optimizations.

Added Animations to the title screen

Added The lobby on a flat world to help FPS.

Fixed Title screen issue

Fixed Memory leak

Fixed Items not being given on join

Fixed NPCs not teleporting players to servers.

Fixed An error that kept flooding the server.

Fixed An issue with the lobby selector.

Improved Firework cool down to 2 seconds.

Updated A few outdated systems we use.

Updated Server selector.

Updated Lobby selector


Survival Updates:

Started work on on server.

Added A few essentials necessities

Added 1.8 pvp mechanics

Added Downwards support of 1.8.

✦ More Coming soon!


Skyblock Updates:

Added More challenges (/challenge)

Added Coinflips! (/cf)

Added Restrictions for flying in certain worlds.

Added Auto sell for hopper level 10

Added Items going into inventory by default.

Added Auto smelt + Auto block craft for donators.

Added New maps for the server (/spawn, /warp pvp)

Added NPCs to spawn

Added Envoys + Changed loot tables

Added New UI for /baltop

Added Donator islands

Added Longer combat pvp timer.

Added [item] in chat to display the item you're holding.

Added Island expansions to the store.

Added A few easter eggs in the pvp arena map.

Added Hobo chest @ spawn

Added New "Rare" crate to envoys.

Added A money crate in all donator kits (/kit)

Removed Welcome book intro

Removed TP cooldowns.

Removed The end world.

Removed "You cannot fly in this world" from spawn.

Fixed Another issue with objects, and items being stacked twice and overlapped.

Fixed An issue with kits

Fixed Skill points.

Fixed Issue with certain NPCs not working accordingly.

Fixed An issue with renaming items.

Fixed Some region problems in spawn.

Fixed Some errors/problems with envoys to make sure it works accordingly.

Fixed Issues with voting

Fixed Issues with voting.

Fixed An issue with ghast fireballs

Fixed Issues with flying. (/fly)

Fixed A problem with fall damage

Fixed Duplication glitch

Fixed Island levels going into negatives

Fixed Commands not working due to command delay

Fixed Some problems with challenges not working.

Fixed An issue with stacking passive mobs

Fixed Some permission errors.

Fixed Problems with enderchest

Fixed Issue and performance with scoreboard

Fixed Spawnpoint when you fall into the void.

Changed Kit cool downs

Changed The cooldown for (/is level)

Changed Hoppers costs

Changed The max # of players on a skyblock

Cleaned Up pvp arena map. (/warp pvp)

Improved All donator kits.

Improved The rewards for scrambler

Improved The server tick speed

Improved Loot in /challenges.

Improved Combat system.

Reworded Somethings to make sure it fits peoples screens.


Discord Updates:

Added A new music bot! (-play) (must be DJ)

Added Some more emojis.

Fixed Bot removing links in off-topic.

Fixed a few stupid permission problems.


Side Note:
Yes I've been away for sometime off the MC server, and now that I'm back I plan to full send this server, and I'll be using my own money to help pay for some shit that needs to be done and added to the server. I plan to hopefully boost the player counts ect.. Anyways, thanks to everyone that also has helped me. ;) Next post l8r.


Giveaway Very Soon!!!

Only in: https://discord.gg/wXDcVvq

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