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10/20/18 DarkRP Update


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- Increased armor to Advanced Thief and Master Thief.
- Added Deagle to Swat Sniper
- Fixed spelling errors
- Increased amount of kidnappers
- Increased the amount of Jews/Nazis
- Increased the amount of dealers
- Increased the amount of DJs to 2
- Increased the amount of Master Thieves to 4
- Increased the amount of Advanced Thieves to 4
- Mineral Miners can no longer own doors.
- Fixed the chef playermodel
- Fuel depletion of bitminers buffed 50%
- Jew/Jew Leaders are moved to Criminal category
- Changed the colors/sounds for the Holiday Vape for Halloween
- Added in Halloween models/entities
- Added in Savini / Myers playermodels/jobs in preparation for Halloween
- Added in Michael Myers swep
- Removed animated clouds from skybox in preparation for Halloween
- Replaced buggy safe zone fixing kidnapping/arresting/pickpocketing etc. in all safe zones
- Made it so you can not see jobs that you do not have access to.
- Disabled surrender.


MBRP Update coming soon!

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